CSA pick-ups are at our Barn farm store, located on Boutin Rd ……off of Shelburne-Hinesburg Rd (convenient to many commuters). The farm store is open Friday – Sunday, mid-May through October 31st.  We have coolers containing eggs, quiches, and other value added products, freezers for chicken, bins for vegetables, and cases for preserves, honey, and maple syrup.

Our CSA is run a little differently from traditional CSAs.  Members purchase a seasonal subscription and in return receive a set number of points/week.  All produce at the farm stand has a label with price (non- CSA members) and points (for CSA members).  Members have their choice of vegetables, fruits, eggs, chickens, preserves, honey, maple syrup and value added products.  Product points vary with availability.  For example, in early July a pound of tomatoes may cost 2 points…… while in mid-August when tomatoes are plentiful- a pound of tomatoes may cost only 1 point.  If brussel sprouts are not favored then you may avoid them…  But if you LOVE brussel sprouts you can pick up a larger quantity!  Occasionally, bumper crops will be offered for 0 points.  Included in the CSA is pick-your-own Herbs from cutting garden in front of the barn entrance. Shares are picked up Friday – Sunday during the specified week. Simply find your member ID, the date, and mark the number of produce points used.   Up to 5 points may be carried over into the next pick up week.

CSA subscriptions may be prorated for member vacations with pre-season notice.  Those weeks will be blacked out on the pick-up sheet. Our permissive pick-up schedule is especially advantageous for people with very full schedules.  Our CSA is based on the honor system, please be courteous to your fellow members.  Most days a family member will be present for assistance.