Dan Needham was raised in Pittsford, NY in the 1960’s. In the mid 70’s, Dan worked on Bob Sweeney’s produce farm. The Sweeney Farm specialized in Strawberries, Melons and Sweet Corn. Here Dan learned many plant culture techniques and how to operate a variety of farm machinery and implements. In 1980 Dan attended SUNY-Plattsburg, graduating in 1984 with a B.A. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Soil Science. Dan has worked in Environmental Testing laboratories in various parts of the country – from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA then up to Colchester, VT where he met his wife Kristen. On our farm, Dan is responsible for all equipment operation, planting/ harvesting schedules, building renovations and wholesale deliveries. Dan is an expert at finding old farm equipment, making it operational, then customizing it to our needs. Dan is an avid fisherman and downhill skier.

Kristen Lohmann Needham was raised in Dalton, MA in the 1970’s. Kristen has always had a love of gardening, nature, baking and art. Kristen often volunteered at the Massachusetts Audubon Society. In 1989 Kristen attended Saint Michael’s College, graduating in 1993 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Art. Kristen has worked as both an environmental chemistand Dairy Microbiologist in Vermont. Kristen is responsible for farm marketing, publicity, education, plant culture and finances. In the off-season, Kristen loves cross country skiing with the family.

Evelyn Needham was born in Burlington, VT in 1997 and is now 20 years old. Evelyn will be a Junior at St Lawrence University and continues to be an Honors student. Evelyn has always loved nature and animals. She enjoys cooking, and occasionally bakes desserts for the farm stand.

Eileen Needham was born in Burlington, VT in 1999 and is now 18 years old. Eileen has a great desire and a sweet heart when it comes to our animals. She also enjoys creating arts and crafts. Eileen will be a freshman at Mount Ida College. Eileen helps with seed starting, planting, harvesting and chicken care. Eileen also helps with setting up and taking down the Farmer’s Market display. Eileen provides tech support for the farm. She created our Facebook page and helps keep the farm website up to date. Check out our Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/needhamfamilyfarm/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel